From Durham, North Carolina, comes a group of two hip hop artists and a well-known producer.

Little Brother: Phonte and Big Pooh. Producer: 9th Wonder.

They’ve been around since 2002. You’ve probably never heard of them.
They’re the founding members of a North Carolina-based collective called The Justus League. You probably haven’t heard of that either.

Little Brother has opened for Hieroglyphics.
9th Wonder has produced songs for major artists like Jay-Z, De La Soul and Destiny’s Child, as well as underground artists such as Sean Price. (wiki)

Their fourth and newest album entitled The Leftback is due out in 2010.

Good for us, they’re on tour. They hit the east coast on May 11.

May 11 – NYC – at the Highline Ballroom
May 14 – PHILADELPHIA – at the Theater of the Living Arts Get tickets here.

Then they head west.

May 19 – CHICAGO – at the Double Door
May 26 – SAN DIEGO – at 4th & B
May 28 – SAN FRANCISCO – at The Independent

Catch em’ while you can. Until then… check out some of their tracks.

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Black Keys Vinyl

Tickets to see the Crash Kings live at The Note: $12

Pabst Pounders: $3

Tator Tots (delicious): $4

Winning the Black Keys Attack and Release vinyl, getting your picture taken by the radio station while wearing your own BreakawayINK t-shirt, getting that picture posted on the 104.5 website, and getting free promotion of your clothing line… PRICELESS

Crash Kings did put on a great show. I do recommend.

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On a recent visit to the West Chester studio, I had the opportunity to see Nick and Mike (both members of This Temper) play an instrument I’ve never seen either of them play before. The Piano.

It was a more laid-back studio session this time. Nick was recording vocals, Mikey going over some guitar riffs.

I spent a little over 40 minutes with them and saw 20 minutes of recording, and then 20+ minutes of an impromptu piano session.

Nick hops on the piano for about 3 minutes, gets up, walks away. Mike, inspired, sits down next at the piano. You can tell they’re just trying to get a feel for this instrument, goofing around, trying new techniques. About 8 minutes go by and Mikey is still playing… by the way, the head man of the studio is having a conversation in the booth with a friend who’s there for entertainment purposes, and is recording this whole session. Nick is overlooking his little brother while he plays on… Now Nick joins in on the right side of this black and white keyed instrument. Next thing I know… another 10 minutes go by and the brothers are just “in the zone.” To see this musically-gifted duo, on a whim, creating uncanny sounds on an unfamiliar instrument is something that you only get to see when you’re behind the scenes in a studio. You don’t see something like this live on stage or hear it on an album. It’s improv, it’s teaching yourself, it’s imagination and inspiration. It’s music, and that’s why it’s the most addictive drug in the world. So, when you take a look at the pictures on the facebook page, just try and grasp what was happening. I felt like I was watching Hendrix in his prime, in the studio, just messing around with something new and being amazing at it. Just naturally gifted in the realm of music. I’m glad I went.

This Temper will be back in the studio at the end of April, and will have a CD ready, as well as a Blood Red-colored vinyl. I almost forgot, check out their first music video “Practice Your Sin” here.

Keep checking back here for music updates and urban apparel and continue to check out This Temper’s MySpace Page for concert updates. Until then… Stay Classy.

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If you haven’t seen Talib Kweli live, now’s your chance. It’s not often that you’ll see Kweli with DJ Hi-Tek either. Get involved.

CLICK HERE to check out Kweli and Tek’s latest single “Back Again,” off their forthcoming second album Revolutions Per Minute, coming in April 2010.

Where: THE NOTE in West Chester

Ticket Price:
$25.00 in advance
$27.00 day of show

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 8:00 PM
Doors open at 7:00 PM

Reflection Eternal feat
Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek

Stay tuned.

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