You know where you should be?

You should be at THE ROOTS PICNIC 2010 at the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA.

Saturday, June 5… the gates open to the public at NOON at Penn’s Landing, welcoming another huge crowd to join THE ROOTS as well as Vampire Weekend, The Clipse, Mayer Hawthorne, The Very Best, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Tune-Yards, Bajah & The Dry Eye Crew, Das Racist, and Pattern is Movement. Bring your sandwiches and coolers as it’s an all-day event that’s been known to keep the city grooving. I believe this is the 3rd annual Roots picnic and what better way to support them than to be in their home town of Philadelphia.

Grab your tickets from TicketMaster.com and join the party. Don’t forget to grab a Realadelphia shirt before you head down.

Dont forget to check out The Roots’ latest video “How I Got Over” – Their new album hits racks soon.

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… the saga begins.

Soon enough my friends, you’ll experience the writing of another.

You’re in for a treat. Another dimension has been added to this blog.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn.

Stay Tuned.

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One thing you should do. Three things you should get.

It’s a big day. May 18,2010

One thing you should do:
– Go to your local compact disc store.

Three things you should get:
– The Black Keys – Brothers
– Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – Revolutions Per Minute
– Nas & Damian Marley – Distant Relatives

Thats all. Enjoy.
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YearLong Disaster – The Note – West Chester, PA

Well, we went to see Yearlong Disaster at The Note in West Chester tonight… two bands played before them. No good.
Yearlong’s lead guy Daniel Davies came out and played 2 tracks by himself, then the other two band members came out (The drummer from CKY played in place of their original drummer for some reason)… they rocked for 3 more songs, then packed it in. The lead band came on. A strictly instrumental band. As the headliner? What? They sucked, we left. Oh well. Yearlong is good and the first time I saw them live they were awesome. We’ll get em’ next time I suppose. Bam’s buddy has a sweet red mohawk tho… that’s a fact.

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The Downtown Diaries Turns One!

So check it.

One of my good friends from college has been getting her blog on for… well… a year now. Her blog, TheDowntownDiaries, has gone from a hobby to become one of the most popular blogs on the internet and she just had a her first annual party to celebrate.

After graduating from West Chester University, she took a marketing job and eventually ended up in Brooklyn, NY – which is where she currently resides. (I feel bad that I haven’t visited, but I’ll get there I promise. Just leave that spot open on your couch).

Clearly she’s been doing it right. Not only was this party sponsored by Svedka and Spaten Lager (just to name a few), she had a few musical guests including DJ MSB, The Chainsmokers, and DJ Messkid to keep the party rocking to the early AM. The party, which you had to RSVP to, had over 150 guests and from the pictures on her site, you can see it was a good time.

So, check out The Downtown Diaries dot com and continue to follow her as she tracks the party and pop culture of New York.

Keep it up, we’re proud of you!

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R.I.P. Guru

A few years back, we had the opportunity to meet Guru from GangStarr in East Stroudsburg, PA where we went to see him perform… This led to that, the club didnt pay him, so he didnt perform, however he did spend about 10 minutes with us outside in the parking lot. Not sure about my other friends, but I was certainly star struck. You listen to GangStarr’s Moment of Truth album over and over (and still do 15+ years after it’s released), you memorize every word, you quote his lyrics at least weekly… and then you meet him… in a parking lot. Now he’s gone after a long battle with cancer. I’ll always have this picture though, and that memory.

Unfortunately, DJ Solar’s Twitter/Email were recently hacked and … well… read for yourself at allhiphop.com

“Read, study lessons, and build your inner power. The next level doesn’t tolerate cowards.” – Guru

You will be missed.

- BreakawayINK Apparel :: Far From Ordinary


So I’m a few days late posting this… but the show did not disappoint.

Fourth time seeing Talib, first time with Hi-Tek. Great show, great venue. Happy Cinco de Mayo, 2010. As always, Talib was sporting the Yankees fitted cap.

With the new Reflection Eternal album coming out May 18th, it was only fitting for them to start the night with 4 tracks off the old album. Perfect. Those four were followed by two new tracks as well as Jammin’ by Bob Marley, Talib went back to a few BlackStar tracks and then to The Blast, where Hi-Tek joined in on the microphone for his verse. It seems as though Hi-Tek has a few verses on the new album as well. It’s going to be sick CD… well-produced, fresh beats, new rhyme-style, fast and slow… Estelle is on a track also.

Something that hit home… Talib stopped the show to give a shout-out to acknowledge the recent death of the legendary Guru from GangStarr. A moment of silence was followed by Hi-Tek spinning the beat to “Code of the Streets” while Kweli rapped his own words over it.

The Note in West Chester PA is a great spot for any show, but the crowd that filled the floor came to party. Good thing, because it happened to be Hi-Tek’s birthday which we all celebrated by singing to him, then one of the crew members brought him out a birthday cake which…. which ended up on Tek’s face and then into the crowd. The show continued… they actually came on stage early, which rarely happens at a hip hop show… they were on from 9:15 to 11pm. Surprisingly, I had the pleasure of bringing an avid hip-hop listener to his first live hip-hop show, it was definitely a great one to be at.

May 18.2010. Revolutions per Minute. Get involved.

Check out their site ReflectionEternal.com and YearOfTheBlacksmith.com

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