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These are the upcoming West Chester PA Summer events that BreakawayINK Apparel will be sold at.

Come visit… bring your friends.

Music Video of the Week


That NEW-NEW…. Here it is. Each Week from here on out, I’m going to select a Hip-Hop Music video and that’ll become the MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK. I’ll post it to the blog for your enjoyment…

I’ll definitely be accepting recommendations, because… well, shit. I havent seen every good video out there – and I’d like to.

With that said, start sending quality music videos for me to post. If we get enough participation, we can make this some sort of contest for apparel or stickers or something. What’ya think?

Start sending in the requests. And you have to briefly explain why you chose this video. Good? Good.

Here’s my first. It’s “You Know my Steez” by GangStarr. Why? The lyrical content, he’s a master. And the fact that the video actually has a story to it…
Also, thank you to the show “Entourage” for playing a GangStarr song during the end-credits of your season-opener.
RIP Guru

(oh… ps… Go get that Roots CD – How I Got OVer

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Go Grab the NEW Roots Album…

Sick nasty. Above you’ll find the video for the title-track “How I Got Over.”

With their newest release, the Legendary Roots Crew strikes BlackThought does some soulful singing on top of an uptempo jazzy tune. The Roots continue to show the world how versatile they really are with their latest release. The Roots are timeless. The Roots are the house-band on the Jimmy Fallon Show… then ?uestLove and BlackThought meet up with their own bands after the show and play through the night. Somehow, they managed to find time to put together this album. Much love to the Roots, one of the greatest bands of all time.

For a good read, click here.

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Now on the main blog page you’ll see a list of Upcoming Events as the first item on the right-hand side.

Stay Tuned. BreakawayINK Apparel will be sold at a number of locations this summer and Matt Sturman (Fear the Suit) has some shows lined up that you NEED to check out.

Also – This Temper is touring, NATIONWIDE. Get involved.

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Public Enemy in Philadelphia!

The other day I had a playlist on shuffle of strictly Naughty by Nature songs… so I began to reminisce a little bit about the other groups from the early 90′s that I haven’t listened to in awhile. I flipped through the iPod and threw on 911 is a Joke by Public Enemy. Amazing song. I followed that up with Can’t Truss It.

The next morning, I receive a concert update from the Trocadero in Philadelphia. What do I see? Public Enemy coming to the Troc on August 13, 2010. Quite the coincidence.

So, I figured I’d let ya’ll know that Chuck D, Flava Flav and crew will be in town.

Tickets are now on sale as of Friday, June 18.

Kid Cudi: Arrested.

Man on the Moon is right…

I try to keep all of my news positive, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. I was actually going to be promoting the fact that Cleveland’s own Kid Cudi has three new mixtapes out and they’re solid albums… and then, he allegedly, starts to bang and kick on a woman’s door in NYC until the cops come. And… what do the police find on him? Liquid Cocaine. Seriously dude?? Liquid Cocaine? Really?
He was just in Tennessee at the Bonnaroo music festival and performed for a packed crowd… I guess the drugs didnt prohibit him from making the show on time.
More to come… Disappointing.

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And the week isn’t even over yet.

This week we’ve had 469 hits to our web page… and we still have all of Sunday to go.
Use the coupon code INK15 at checkout for 15% all tees and hats. Free shipping as always.

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BreakawayINK Photos


We’re loving all of the support and attention that we’re receiving from you and we wouldn’t be where we are if you weren’t telling your friends about where you purchased your latest tee shirt. So, we’d like to put together a photo gallery in the coming months and would appreciate if you emailed your photos to mail@breakawayink.com or if you post your photos to our BreakawayINK Facebook Page. Who knows, maybe your picture can earn you a prize.

Thanks folks. Stay tuned. Lots in the works.

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