Fear the Suit – The Note

Friday – August 27

It was sort of a homecoming in a way. Matt Sturman aka Fear the Suit, performed in front of a good-sized Pabst Blue Ribbon-drinking crowd at The Note in West Chester. We actually hadn’t seen the new material from Matt Sturman yet and it was a great sight to see. We’ve heard it on iTunes, and know exactly what he’s capable of, and it was still a surprise.

Despite his guitar going in and out of tune for who knows what reason, he still held down the crowd and provoked hand-clapping and dancing. Donning his BreakawayINK “Classic” Tee on stage, he played to the crowd and we cant wait to see the next performance…. next month at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

To see how the night went, check out THE NOTE – PHOTO ALBUM

In addition, the band that played before Sturman was called DIEGO PAULO, and their album “Cafe con Leche” (which I had this morning with my breakfast) is a solid album. It’s a very “free-feeling” album that incorporates a unique sound as well as a banjo.

- BreakawayINK Apparel – Far From Ordinary

Thrillist.com – BreakawayINK Press!

Here’s how it happened. We were boarding an airplane in Philadelphia on Friday en route to Las Vegas for my bachelor party.
My phone buzzes. It’s an email.

It’s an email from a writer for the nationally-recognized Thrillist.com – if you’re not familiar with them, they cover what’s hot, new and hip in large cities. So, the email states that they want to write an article about BreakawayINK. I jump at this, just like anybody would. He says he wants this article to run on Monday which is two days and a few hours away.

So, Im sitting in my seat on the plane, and I call the sender of the email… we exchange a few words, a few laughs, we hang up the phone. I forgot a few minor details, so I email him the rest.

Next thing I know… it’s Monday, I’m back in Philadelphia after a wacky weekend, and I decide I’m going to check out Thrillist to see if they ran the piece. They did. I read it with a smile on my face, I check the hits to Breakawayink.com… 328 by 11am Monday morning! I’ve been seeing about 400 per week to the page, but this article sparked 423 hits by the end of the day!

It’s now Thursday, and we’re sitting at a record-high hits for the week – 659.

Thanks Thrillist! and thank all of you who stopped in to see what all the commotion was about. Only a handful of shirts were sold, but I’m betting it’s primarily because of the stock/sizes that I have left… which is very limited. But all still a positive thing! Here’s the article. In turn, I sent the writer a free ARMED shirt as he said this was his favorite of the bunch.

Tuesday night… I put in an order for 200 new shirts. Half new designs, half reprints. All sizes. One style is a women’s tee, and we also have a women’s hooded sweatshirt on the way! So stay tuned because in a few weeks, we’re going to have a whole slew of new apparel for the line.

First quarter, 2011… A whole new line for you and yours. OH… and I almost forgot… every shirt is a 60/40 poly/cotton blend, which is actually softer than the original 50/50′s you’ve all been wearing.

Be good and keep checking back. THank you all!

-BreakawayINK Apparel

BreakawayINK at THE M-ROOM in Philly

Guess what. I met a DJ on Saturday at the 2nd Street Festival… and he… wait for it… spins VINYL. Repeat… SPINS SOME DAMN VINYL!

So, AUGUST 26th at the M-ROOM in Philly this DJ who DJs with other DJs… (still with me?) will be there and they’ll be spinning while BreakawayINK will have a little booth set up. He put BreakawayINK on the bottom right of the flyer… check out what they’re doing.

Rhythm & Booze

Come out Eat,Drink,Chill,politic,catch a flic,shoot a game of pool and let the Rhythm hit you.

Always on the wheels of Steel are the tag team duo known as The Invincible Doomz Day Machine. This DJ/Producer combo with skills always on display, sort thru an array of musical genres to give you ears the ultimate experience.

Fredy Blast – http://fredyblast.podomatic.com/ (Session 31)
VS The Best – http://diggacrates.podomatic.com/ ()

Also this month we will be housing Breakaway Ink Apparel–www.breakawayink.com, a T-Shirt company inspired through the consciousness of hip hop. They will have a table displaying their work so come thru and see what they’re about.