Jessi Teich Album Release Party

Jessi Teich

Who: Jessi Teich - Singer/Songwriter

What: Album Release Party

Where: Marbar – University City – Philadelphia, PA

When: Saturday, DEC 18 – 8:00pm until Midnight

Why: Join us in celebrating the music of Jessi Teich and the team of people who have helped her create what has become her debut album, “Barely There.” Backed by Fuzztone Records and supported by Fourth Wall Arts, Jessi has been able to realize her dream of creating music in an organic and independent environment. Armed only with her voice and the songs in her heart, Jessi found her way through Philadelphia to some of the most talented and resourceful people. Without her team, she wouldn’t be where she is today. It is your support that creates opportunity and allows this city to move, so let’s come together and celebrate music, art, and the soul that is Philadelphia.

Purchase your tickets ahead of time …. HERE

12 Beers = Good idea. Following 12 Beers with Four Loko = Bad Idea

You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it, and you may enjoy it. I enjoyed it, just at the wrong time of day.

What is it? It’s FOUR LOKO: a now-banned drink in many states which combines alcohol (four shots), caffeine (as much as a cup of coffee) and a bunch of sugar. Sounds amazing right? Well, I’m not going to lie, its quite tasty, and it does the trick. However, when you’re out on the biggest drinking day of the year, Thanksgiving Eve, and you’re pounding beers with pals at the bar, then you decide to have a Four Loko… well.. your morning is going to suck.

To make a long story short, it went like this:

Football Alumni party… 7 beers. Out to the bars afterward… 5+ beers… Stroll the next bar in town in the freezing cold… the line to get into the bar is down the street and around the corner… skip it. “Let’s grab some 12 packs and head back to the house.” “OK.” – We grab two cases of beer… and (4) Four Loko’s. Why? No idea.

Back to the house, hanging, laughing, drinking… Four Loko. Oh, and we’re watching CaddyShack in stunning HD the whole time. 3am rolls around… we never even opened the cases of beer… we’re about halfway done with the delicious Four Loko and we’re amped up, having ridiculous drunken conversations… and next thing I know… it’s the Thanksgiving morning, and my head is bumping. We wake up and talk about the night with a bunch of laughter in a hungover stupor and then gather our belongings and minds, sort of, and head out.

My delirious friends drop me off at my car. I hop in, head to the nearest Wawa (convenience store) for a cup of joe to wake up somewhat. Oh, and it’s snowing, in eastern Pennsylvania. What the hell?

So, here I am… half asleep, and half drunk still, (thanks to the ol’ Four Loko) I pour my coffee, pay for it, then hit the bathroom real quick. I place the coffee on a ledge in the bathroom… and SPLASH! Next thing I know, there’s coffee all over the bathroom floor. I cant do anything at this point but laugh while I’m emptying the tank. I pick my cup up off the floor, and walk out of the bathroom. I head over to the coffee station, refill my cup, put a lid on it, and walk out of the store.

I get to my in-laws house, tell them “I’m useless” – eat a piece of toast and sleep for two hours. I wake up to a text message that says “Last night was LOKO.” It sure was.

Check out this article as well – Four Loko

BreakawayINK in King of Prussia Mall!

As the holidays approach and many folks are checking off their lists, consider Nestology in the King of Prussia Mall. I’ve posted before telling you all about what this store is all about, but here’s the quick-and-dirty: Nestology is a unique store full of local talented artists who are striving to be seen. Nestology allows these artists/photographers/clothing lines to have their products on display in one of the nation’s largest malls.

Nestology is located next door to the CheeseCake Factory and Urban Outfitters. BreakawayINK Apparel is available in Nestology so feel free to stop in and visit the owners Caroline and Farahmund as they’d be happy to share with you what their store has to offer.

BreakawayINK should be on your Christmas list… you know it.

You’re Encouraged to Visit

Life, Style, Music, Art, Culture… all things interesting.

Hit up for a more in-depth look. It’s a cool blog that covers a little of everything urban – Popular Streetwear, New Music Releases, etc… I thought it was cool so I figured I should pass it along.

- Your pals at BreakawayINK

BreakawayINK needs an Intern!

Calling all Marketing and/or Communications Majors!

BreakawayINK is in need of one or two students who are interested in receiving some experience in the Marketing/Sales/Communications field. Also, this person would receive some experience with trade shows and may learn their way around Philadelphia a bit.

We’re looking for folks who are familiar with Social Networking… (who isnt?)… but.. We need assistance with networking, sending HTML Emails, some graphic design work and someone who isnt afraid to make a phone call, get hung up on, and pick up the phone again and call the next number.

Must be familiar with:

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Linked In, Web Design, their college campus…

Though this would not include any monetary payment (it’s an internship, duh), however it may result in some free tee shirts and a few high fives. Regardless, this will be a great opportunity to develop your skills and will look great on a resume.

Inquire within –
- Only those who are serious please.

Mr. Man from Philly’s Most Wanted

I know this post is a little late… but that’s because life is hectic… feel me? You do.
I had the opportunity to catch up and do a photoshoot with Mr. Man from Philly’s Most Wanted last month… and this opportunity wouldnt have been possible without my photographer Marc from -

He called me up, said “Mr. Man wants to rock some of your tees during his photoshoot for his new mixtape, what’ya think?”
Clearly, I said I’d be there. Joel “Mr. Man” picked out a few tees from the webpage and I brought them down for him. He drove to Wilmington from Philly with his fiancee Sina Bina (@MsSinaBina on twitter) and we had a blast. She video taped the whole thing and we had a bunch of laughs. That was my first experience spending a few hours with a popular emcee and to tell the truth, I felt like I was hanging out with a friend I’ve known for years. They were just two real cool, down to earth people who love hip hop and especially love apparel that’s inspired by music.

Keep an eye out for Mr. Man’s Mixtape – Back At It Like a Crack Addict – It’s gonna be good.
Follow him on twitter at: MR_MAN_PMW54
and BreakawayINK at: @BreakawayINK

Peep his video here:

Attention: High School Seniors

As you know, your Senior year in High School was a big deal. This was a time when you had all the friends, everyone knew you, and you ran the school… at least you thought you did. Now… as the year started winding down… kids would start making their own tee shirts and other types of apparel to show the school that they were the seniors and they were on top of their game.

Well, BreakawayINK is in the midst of collaborating with some Seniors in the Downingtown Area School District to create some Far From Ordinary threads for them to rock for the remainder of their high school career.

Stay Tuned.

- BreakawayINK Apparel -

Busy Busy Busy GRINDIN’

Folks.. November is here.

BreakawayINK’s founder is now Married.
BreakawayINK did a photoshoot with Philly’s Most Wanted’s Mr. Man.
BreakawayINK is putting together an Internship Program for those seeking Marketing & Communications experience.
BreakawayINK will be releasing Men’s Pullover Hoodies in December.
BreakawayINK is digging Kid Cudi’s new album.
BreakawayINK is steady on the grind.