DJ Reddy Rell & Bangout Productions

What’ya think about that logo on a BreakawayINK Tee? I’d buy it.

That said… Here’s a little information about two high school friends.

The smooth and artistic DJ Reddy Rell is on the move, literally and physically. Hailing from Pennsylvania and bouncing back and forth to Tampa, FL, Rell is constantly on the one’s and two’s when he’s able. Whether it’s performing in front of a packed house, or a private party, Rell delivers that bit of hip-hop that we’ve all been missing. Sampling and blending CDs and DVDs has become a big part of DJ Reddy Rell’s career and he’ll be working on his newest in the first quarter of 2011. Be on the look out.

In addition, Rell is part of a skilled group of DJs that go by the name of “Regulator DJs” – Check out the site.

Also *** Download FREE mixtapes here at – REDDY RELL

Rell is also affiliated with Bangout Productions, a “conglomerate of professional services including TV & Film Productions, Video Marketing Services, and Motion Graphic Ads Specializing in music videos is something that has gotten founder Rafael “Champ” Nunez featured on major broadcast stations such as MTV and Mun2 Music Choice. The Art Institute of Philadelphia grad is setting the bar high with his company’s focused-vision and creative techniques.

Stay tuned. Keep checking back on those sites.

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Getting “brotherly love” on

This article ran a little ways back but I’m reposting for sake of the “PRESS” section in the blog. This is what they call a “teaser article” because it’s a quick look into the clothing line, however – within a week or so, you’ll see an article from “Chaos” at who I did a more in-depth article with.

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The INK is getting a Makeover + December Booths

Expect a whole new look to the BreakawayINK page in January 2010…
You’re going to like what you see.

In addition to that, come to Philly on Dec 11th and Dec 18th for the Punk Rock Flea Market and the Philadelphia Designers Market – we’ll be set up and you can get some holiday shopping done. Hope to see you there!

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BreakawayINK hits the West Coast

It’s December 1st, the start to a new month and almost the end of a great year.

BreakawayINK has come a long way since April of this year and has received a great amount of press and has sold hundreds of high-quality tees in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, as well as various states across the country. We’ve received a great amount of press and there’s still some to come before year-end… but this is the first we’ve received from the West Coast. D-Structured is a quality blog and they also have a clothing line you should be checking out.

Click here to read the Article posted by D-Structured in San Francisco

Cant wait for 2011.

-BreakawayINK Apparel – Far From Ordinary