Spring into Action!

Here’s a glimpse into what’s to come.  The Spring Line is very close to being done.  I’ll go with a release date of April… multiple products, designs, styles and colors.  New additions to BreakawayINK will be Art prints, Tote Bags and a Zip-Up Hoodie. We’ll be releasing various products throughout the year (including our 1 year anniversary tee) so be sure to stayed tuned in month after month.  We have a street team setting up our festivals in California and I’ll be running them here on the east coast.  Lot’s to come.  It’s going to be a breakout year for BreakawayINK!

Hello World!

Justin Dahl Photos

My name is Justin Dahl and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with BreakawayINK.  I will be working hard with the creators of BreakawayInk to grow their national and global brand identity through several marketing and promotion projects.  I figured since you will be seeing posts and projects from me in the future, that I should introduce myself and some of my passions.

I am a 28 year old professional from Philadelphia.  I have been born and raised in the city for my entire life.  I live and breathe Philadelphia and constantly have my ear to the heartbeat of this city and its urban and cultural identity.  I have received education in marketing and communications and have personally been involved in marketing, sales and promotions since completing college.  I have a passion for creative ideas and businesses and BreakawayINK seems to perfect fit for me to gain business experience.

My current passions include being involved in new and amazing creative ideas, antiques and picking (see American Pickers on TLC), motorcycles, marketing, bartering, music, fashion, black tea, traveling and enjoying life and my fiancé.  But, there is one passion that is taking up a majority of my creative focus today.  That passion is Photography!

I must say, I have always enjoyed photography and graphic design. This is probably because I am not the best drawer or painter. To me, photography is a way to make a painting without ink or paint. You can express what you would paint on a canvas in the blink of an eye… or more so a snap of the shutter. I have been exposed to art and photography from a very young age, thanks to my father whom I consider a “jack-of-all-trades” of the art world. He was a professional photographer for many years and his influence rubbed off on me. I just recently began getting more serious with the art and am having a great time realizing the beauty that can be created with the harmony of the eye and the lens.

My small design & photography company attempts to highlight the adventure of living a lifetime in the City of Philadelphia as well as examining the beauty of the world and its unique people through the lens of a camera. Urban landscapes are the focus of my work.  Beyond urban photography, I also highlight the beauty of nature through my travels and the wonder of conceptual photography through the lens.  I also started a full service design shop for companies and individuals for creating logos and branding.

I love High-Dynamic Range (or HDR Photography) and extreme and weird wide-angle shooting.  I consider it my specialty. HDR consists of taking a serious of steady shots at different exposure intervals.  These shots, ranging from 3-9, are then combined in a software suite to display one image containing all of the shadows and highlights that would not be captured in a typical single image.  It takes some practice and a bit of camera and software knowledge to achieve, but can be easily taught to any digital camera enthusiast.  Combined with HDR, I love to take cool, odd, extreme angles on objects with wide-angle lenses to achieve a new and interesting take on famous Philadelphia structures, sculptures and landmarks.  I also like to apply these ideas to photography of my travels, nature and interesting people.

If you would like to view my work or purchase prints, you can visit my website. Prints can be ordered matted or framed directly from the site via credit card or Paypal through a secure server and shipped to your doorstep.  All of my photos are printed at a professional lab in Virginia and are of the highest quality.

Check out: http://www.pixelheadstudios.com

As well as my website, many of my favorite framed prints are available at Nestology in the King of Prussia Mall (next to the Cheesecake Factory).  This is also where the amazing apparel created by BreakawayINK is also available.

I look forward to doing great things with BreakawayINK in the future and bring this brand to a global market.

In My Short Sleeve

First of all, big shouts to the professionalism and kind words from Kim at InMyShortSleeve which is a California-based apparel-review company.  They give us all the low-down in regards to what’s cool, what’s new, and what’s to come in the future of independent clothing lines.  Kim’s keen eye took notice to the little things about BreakawayINK that make us “Far From Ordinary” - Click here to take a look at the article that got Kim a free t-shirt that should be arriving in the mail in a day or two.

An Album For You To Pick Up…

…it comes to you from a Minneapolis duo by the name Atmosphere.   This duo is made up of an emcee named “Slug” and a dj/producer that goes by the name of “Ant” – These two have been doing it since 1993 and are part of the “Rhymesayers Entertainment” crew which consists of multiple talented acts such as albino rapper Brother Ali, Freeway and MF Doom.

The talented duo just put out their newest album entitled “To all my Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy” and after listening to the album about six times through, I’m having a problem switching to a new album.  It’s solid to say the least.  As always, Slug comes correct with witty rhymes and eye-opening stories stories.  In “Scalp” he raps about seeing an old friend (who claims his friends are “cooler than an ice pack”) in a bar and on his drive home, his pick-up truck gets t-boned by drunk drivers and he dies, the song ends.   In “Shotgun”  he mentions that he has “more flavor than a cook book.”  This is definitely an album you should have in your car for the next few months.   It’s inspiring and Slug always reminds you of how good you may have it compared to most.

New Album Cover

Catch them live in Philly at the Electric Factory on April 24 for around 20 greenbacks, you may even see me there.  (Funny story, sort of…) Two years ago, my buddy Jason and I bought tickets to see Atmosphere in Philly after they dropped their album “When life gives you lemons…” and we forgot to go. We realized two days after the concert that we missed it.  Oh well.

Below is a video from their “Lemons” album… Enjoy.

Need a Photographer?

Look no further.  After spending a few minutes perusing the portfolio of Marc Simpson, founder of Marc Levi Fotographie, you’ll be ready to book your photoshoot in a matter of minutes.  My man is nothing but cool, calm, and professional.  He’s more about bringing on long-term clients (such as BreakawayINK Apparel) rather than a one-shoot-stand, if you know what I mean.   He’s been in the photo-game for a few years now and has built a quality list of contacts.  I’ve included a few of Marc’s favorite pictures below… but take a look at his website – MarcLevi.com –  for more pictures and booking info.  Keep grindin’ Marc – Thanks for everything.  (click the images once or twice to view in actual size)

A Throwback for a Rainy Day…

I wanted to put up something quick that would appeal to many. I figured that I havent put up a music video in a few weeks.  So, I pulled up Google and immediately thought of Regulators by Warren G and Nate Dogg.  Here it is… a little sunshine on a rainy day… from 1994.