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Biggie Smalls was the ILLEST!

As this day comes around every year, I can’t help but hear the lyrics from Canibus in his diss to LL Cool J in 2nd Round Knockout as he states “The Greatest Rapper of All-Time died on March 9th”

That rapper is the late Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace and today marks 14 years since his murder.  I was 13 years old, in 8th grade and can still remember that night very vividly.

He’s still the best that ever did it.  His hook in “Unbelieveable” states “Biggie Smalls is the illest” – and I believe it’ll remain that way.  The picture below is classic as we can not only honor Biggie, but we can honor those we lost on September 11.  R.I.P.  Much respect.

Biggie Smalls

Big Shouts to Kim at!

After Kim covered her favorite tee two weeks ago – ORIGINAL – I decided she should really know what she’s working with here at BreakawayINK. So I sent her out the black ORIGINAL tee and she informed me that the day she got it, she was wearing it.  Here articles are below.

Here’s the article after receiving the ORIGINAL TEE

inmyshortsleeve Original Tee

And here’s the article about the OLD STYLE pre-sale.

old style inmyshortsleeve breakawayink


We’ve had such a great response to this tee that we figured we’d better get a good estimate on how many to print for the first round.  With baseball season around the corner and the red-hot Fightin Phils about to take the field, it’s about that time you grabbed your new favorite tee to sport down at Citizens Bank Park.

This tee is available for Men in sizes Small - 3XL in CREAM with MAROON print – the BreakawayINK logo will appear on the back neck-area of the tee as well.   For the ladies, we’re looking at a V-Neck tee in sizes Small – XL in WHITE with that same MAROON print as the men’s.

Feel free to place your order, we’ll keep you up to date on shipping,  and your tee will arrive at your door within the first two weeks of April.

P.S. – Dear Baseball Season, thank you for coming back.

Graffiti Bombing in LA

Graffiti has always been something that has peaked my interest – Take a look at this 7 minute video that takes place all over LA.  Below that is a video on how to tag.

Here’s a HOW TO from London-based “Graffiti Kings”