FKN-Famous – Pardon our French

A few weeks ago we were contacted by FKN Famous, a popular blog that covers everything new and exciting from gadgets to autmobiles to fashion.  At the end of last week,  the article was posted.  Click the screen shot below to read the blurb.  Big shouts to FKNF for this post!


This is only the beginning of the new line that’s unraveling here in April.  We’ve had a tremendous amount of support from the fans – some new and some are repeat offenders.  Below is a picture of 14 packages that were sent out today.  A record for not only one day, but a record for a whole week!

All of the folks who pre-ordered the OLD STYLE Tee, check your mailboxes this week as they should be arriving.  I rocked this tee all weekend, including Sunday’s Phillies Game -(it’s finally in the hamper) and a bunch of people were asking about it – they came out great.

We’re currently working with FKN-Famous, and also over the next few weeks so keep checking back.

Thanks again, even more gear on the way!  Below you’ll see the tees on their way in… and also their way out!

To Do List

This is my "To-Do List" - and a Stained Glass Lamp my mother made me.

‘The Black Keys – The Go-Getter’ Video

INK on the Runway… Girard College

Via email, we were invited to have the INK featured in a fashion show on Friday at Girard College, Phila PA.  It was a great event and was ten times bigger than expected.  The students put on a great production.  Below is the video of our gear on the runway.

BreakawayINK X Girard College Fashion Show

INK on !

This is truly an honor to have our gear posted on a fashion-leading website like  We contacted them a few weeks ago and they told us to ship some gear out to Cali.  So we did.  We take pride in the quality of the apparel, and we’ve realized that once a person sees our apparel up close and personal, they tend to want more than one in their closet.  Our Spring Line is on the way, we have a lot of gear we believe you’ll want to stock up on. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE THEY WROTE.

INK on


All tees $15 at

The email has just gone out… so if you’re subscribed to our newsletter, check your emaill. All you others, sign up at the top of this window.  To make room for the new gear that’s on the way in, we decided to clear out the Fall/Winter Line… So, as gas prices are rising, our tee costs are decreasing… the benefit to you – You’ll have new clothes to wear while you drive around town using the extra gas money you were able to save by supporting BreakawayINK.  Think about it… it’s genius!

Scratch – Have you seen it?

( I can’t take any credit for what you’re about to read below.)

Scratch is a feature-length documentary film about hip-hop DJing, otherwise known as turntablism. From the South Bronx in the 1970′s to San Francisco now, the world’s best scratchers, beat-diggers, party-rockers, and producers wax poetic on beats, breaks, battles, and the infinite possibilities of vinyl.

Scratch starts with an origin story. Grand Wizard Theodore (the “Thomas Edison of the movement”) recalls the day, way back in 1975, when his grandmother told him to turn down the music he was making in front of his Bronx River Houses apartment. In order to hear her, he put his hand on the turntable, holding the record in place. As he moved his hand, slightly, a new sound rose up. And so, he smiles, scratching was born.

Brilliant documentary by Doug Pray

Released in 2001. Now on DVD. Just wanted a copy of the trailer on Youtube