INK: What is your full name, age and where do you hail from?

DS: David Silver, 21, Warminster (Bucks County, PA)

INK: What inspired you to get into the music industry and promote young talent?

DS:  I managed two artists since Freshman year of college (Christian Express & MAVi), who also happened to be some of my best friends. When I realized it was extremely difficult to get them performance experience, I decided that I could utilize the resources around me (mainly my fraternity basement) and create my own shows. I also interned for over a year (spending 3 months in LA) with a Public Relations Agency that specializes in the music industry. This opened my eyes to the structure of the industry and I really wanted my own taste in the scene.

INK:  I still haven’t been to LA, need to make that happen.  What is the current focus of the Broad St Music? What’s new for the rest of 2013?

DS:  Our current focus is fairly simple, and that is to “Discover the Undiscovered”. We are currently throwing events at 4+ venues around the Philadelphia area in order to spotlight some of the most talented and undiscovered musicians (of all genres) in the area. We want to be the ones who give them the opportunity to expand (or even start) their music career. For 2013, we plan on doing some big things in the near future. We are currently working on launching our first company website within a month or so, which will really introduce an entirely new look for the Broad Street Music Group. We are going to be expanding much more than just hosting shows for these artists. We are looking to provide the artists (the ones that BSMG represents) with ALL aspects of launching their music career. More information on this will be coming soon, but for now I don’t want give too much away until the website is launched. But for now, we are throwing shows at The Arts Garage, North Star Bar, Voltage Lounge, & The Legendary Dobbs…with plans on expanding into new venues in the near future.

INK: Is there a specific upcoming interview or project you’re particularly excited about?

DS:  I would say the most exciting thing that is in the near future is the launch of our company website. We have spent a very long time getting everything together and it is sure to be something special. In terms of events, we are really looking forward to see how the summer goes for BSMG. We have a PACKED schedule of events straight through September. Over 35 events are already booked through September. This includes a huge launch party for Broad St Music Group, a few collabs with Rotation Records, The Come Up Radio, and Foxtail Fest in September which features Machine Gun Kelly, and local talent such as Chill Moody and Mic Stew, estimating 5,000-7,000 people.

INK: I’ll see you at Foxtail Fest.  What’s your favorite song or album to listen to while driving on a sunny day?

DS:  My favorite album would have to be Cudi’s original Man on the Moon. That album honestly changed my life. I also would have to say Philly’s own Ground Up and their mixtapes “Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes” and “Supernatural”.

INK: I can’t get enough of that Cudi album either, it’s a staple in my collection.  What’s the coolest place you’ve been to?  Why?

DS: 2 places come to mind. Israel & LA.  Both for 2 totally different reasons. Israel mainly because of all the history that comes out of it and the significance it has on my life. LA just because of the sites and sounds you experience everyday. I got the chance to spend my 2012 summer there and it was just an absolutely amazing & eye opening experience.

INK: What’s your favorite childhood breakfast cereal?

DS:   I’d have to go with Captain Crunch (with the berry’s of course).

INK: Of course! What’s the most embarrassing moment in the industry? (If none, most embarrassing childhood moment?)

DS:  So far, the most embarrassing situation I have come across in the music industry would have to be at one of the BSMG showcases a few weeks back. One of the artist’s actually had a mental breakdown while they were on stage. Everyone was in complete shock and I really didn’t know how to handle the situation. I guess I should have walked on stage and took the mic. But the artist literally had a mental breakdown and was trying to compose himself through the microphone. Very crazy.

INK: Interesting.  Are you an Eagles fan? What’s their future looking like in your eyes?

DS:  Huge Birds fan. I don’t think they can win the SB with Vick though. We can only pray though. On a side note, a very close family friend of mine was drafted first round by the NY Giants (Justin Pugh). So it is now a huge conflict of interest in my family.

INK: We shall see what Chip Kelly has in store.  What’s your favorite cartoon character and/or favorite comic strip illustrator/writer? What do you like best about this character and/or this writer?

DS:  Always been a big fan of Doug Funny. He just has some low-key swag. No other real reason, besides the catchy ass theme song.

INK: Quailman all day!   Coffee or tea? (If neither, what?)

DS:  Coffee. Need my daily dose of caffeine.

INK: Heard that.  What is favorite hobby outside of this industry?

DS:  I enjoy working very much, considering my “work” is something I have a strong passion for, so when I’m not running the event, I am typically putting together new ideas on how to expand BSMG and make it even better. But other than that, I really just enjoy spending as much time with my family as possible.

INK: What’s next for Broad St Music? Where do you want to take it?

DS:  What’s next for BSMG?  We really want to provide the artist more than just shows, so that is what are next move is going to be. We are going to keep booking shows during the summer to the fall while putting all of our other ideas together into solid plans until it’s time to launch our website. Once that happens, look out for BSMG. Big things are coming that will be featuring some very, very talented artists from the area.

INK: Where can we find out more about BSMG?

DS:  To find out all things BMSG, the page is the best way to receive updates. Our website, will be up and running around the middle of summer, so when that is up it will be the best source for updates.

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