The Piazza at Schmidt’s – Northern Liberties – Philly

This passed Sunday, July 25, BreakawayINK Apparel set up a tee shirt booth once again at The Piazza in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia! (2nd Street and Germantown Pike)

It was another sunny day and very hot day. There weren’t nearly as many vendors or people walking around as anticipated but we were able to use our time wisely for some photos and mingling. We met some good people also a few business owners, handed out flyers, and spread the word, resulting in some great feedback and brand recognition.

A woman from Miami purchased a shirt for her husband two hours before she hopped on the plane to head home. Another girl who was visiting from California, bought a shirt for her boyfriend before she headed back. All in all, a successful day. We’re loving the fact that the tees are being spread out amongst the United States and hopefully in some other countries soon. We have had pictures sent in from friends sporting their shirts in Jamaica and also Costa Rica.

You’ll find BreakawayINK this Sunday at the 2nd Street Festival in the Northern Liberties – August 1st.

ALSO – BREAKAWAYINK WAS FEATURED ON THE PIAZZA’S BLOG. Scroll down a little and you’ll see.

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