Marc Levi Photography

Folks, the last six months have been a wild ride and the more wild it gets, it seems like the less time I have to write. However, you’ll be kept abreast of all good things to come, so dont worry. The header on our webpages will continue to have a list of upcoming events where BreakawayINK Apparel will be found.

Last Sunday, BreakawayINK and Marc Levi Fotographie teamed up for the first INK photoshoot, held in his studio in Wilmington, De. Marc is so talented and easy to work with and was very accomodating to our needs. We rolled into his studio with a number of people and he also supplied a model, Rick Anderson of, and the photos turned out great!

We worked quickly indoors and outdoors, mainly due to the rain clouds that began setting in, but also just because we were all on the same page. We highly recommend working with Marc and we have another shoot scheduled for Sunday, November 14th.

There’s more men’s tees, hooded sweatshirts and also women’s tees on the way… within days from now… some new, some being restocked… so keep the orders coming and we’ll continue to ship domestically for free and deliver that “confidence through design” that strive for and promise.

Continue to spread the word about BreakawayINK Apparel, because… well… we’re not stopping this train, so you should hop on ASAP.

Big shouts to 20/10 Solutions and PhillyIn who will be repping BreakawayINK at the Philly Fashion Show tomorrow at the Armory, Friday Oct 8.

One thought on “Marc Levi Photography

  1. Sure like what I see. Great ideas and out of the box thinking. T-shirts are like songs. Just when you think t-shirts have peaked a great crazy over the top, fun t-shirt comes out. Keep them coming and remember Tee shirt growers, when a link out sites we bring more buyers to our sites and shoot us up the search engine mountain!

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